Monday, June 23, 2014

Before I return to Seventh-Heaven - I was on the periphery once before yet failed to go in - I wanna go over again the Trinity’s version of ‘thar ain’t no turning back the clock, pops’. TIME has no friends nor enemies; TIME has no lovers nor philanthropic persuasion to meet nor seeds to sow - it simply runs its course and doesn’t return; TIME marches swiftly forward and loses the permission to contest our mortal bodies which consistently decay through TIME six-feet-under. Thus, the ALL-mighty has assigned each of U.S. a steel-I-beam in which to justify or execute His Divine Plan for our strident soul, the culmination of our wee, wee lifetime on this blunt-reality-earth toward the true beginning of TIME.

For each of us, then, this becomes ‘the acceptable TIMEthe day of salvation’ (2 Corinthians 6:2) in which we assemble either the zeal-to-yield given to us for our fabulous, health resort Upstairs when we croak …or downtown where all-the-TIME, Mr. Death-Row-Chef, the meat-and-potatoes is YOU. No thanks. I’ll pass on the yucky entrĂ©e. Nevertheless, we have only this TIME and shall have no more; TIME is the proverbial salesman who knocks on our doors at birth and winds-up-the-clock to ‘the last syllable of recorded TIME’ (Shakespeare’s Macbeth) at death’s final hour when we shall be at the whim of the ALL-mighty by our existence finite (the symbiotic relationship of give-and-take in our conclusive lives). In the exhilaration of Christians, TIME shall be no more: we’ve reached the omnipresent pronoun where God/i will have become One, for we shall be IN-haled in the Almighty Go's to start 'driving-Miss-Crazzy' and, therefore, established in Seventh-Heaven forever to the intensity of devotional gallantry reached. If we reached a high-degree of ostentation and cultivation of souls, therefore, we’ll be put on a higher level; if we possess only a theatrical reverence, God yawns and looks at His watch.

Saint Paul urges, ‘Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we don’t lose heart’ (Galatians 6:9-9) Doing for others in the Most Holy Name of the SuperSeed! (though non-believers don't believe so, the Trinity gave birth to U.S.), charity-N-benevolence bestows upon TIME a great deal of success and a plethora of treasure-FAAAR-beyond-measure in the Great Beyond, great value in vanquishing the evil shades forever (damned souls who only wanna damn you, too - they have absolutely nothing to lose). We have only this short week of TIME to grow in love and charity, poptart, and then comes our lifelong demise without deception. And, yes, like invisible-Polo-cologne, like tenacious TIME, our sardonic satire is palpable in the Heavens. Let's B1, girl.

God Bless You!!